An intuitive approach:

My massage method is not only made of the several technics of massage. I learned all along the period of my studies; and that practice made perfect. Much more than this,it's a combination of the very best of each one that i transformed as time went by as an intuitive mix : it became MY MASSAGE METHOD

It is an oriental massage basis :

Tonic, muscular, captivating and soft at once. A subtle mixture of strength (deep tissue) and sweetness

It is a total approach :

Taking care of your back, your hands, your legs feet and face.

Good quality products :

I am using biological essential oils.

An energetic touch :

I was initiated to Reiki and other energetic methods, which allow me to take a very spiritual approach in my practice and that's what make the wonder of it.

I am willing to give :

A fact of prime importance : a session is fullfilling and effective only if your practioner is willing to give.

The results : a very unique and generous moment.