I am Ali, your practitioner.

A philosophy...

My childhood filled with the magic of "hammams'" perfumes made me be aware soon of how important it is to take very good care of one's body.
As a sensitive person i am naturally attracted to standart methods of relaxation by the touch.

After a good formation and long years of practice, i was fully open and receiptive to other approaches including aromatic therapy and energetic therapy.

This background and knowledge are necessary to help me adapt my practice to the very specific needs of each person.
Much more than a method it's a philosophy.

Responsability and care of each moment.

My curriculum...

I am a graduate in different massages such as : californian, sweedish and deep tissue massage. Face shiatsu and foot reflexive zones.

Graduate and initiated in energetic methods like (reiki....) i also propose you: "the balance of your whole body energetic network"

I have got a long lasting and passionate relationship with the practice of massage and well being.

It's a very unique moment i offer you to live fully and it is YOUR moment.

My priority is the quality instead of the quantity, that's why i give very few sessions per day. So please make sure to reserve an appointment as quickly as possible.